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Gary Hogg Fairly Truthful Tyneside Tales

1. Thank Heaven For Little Gulls 
2. Amazing Gracie
3. Dave the Jackal
 4. The Flight of Oscar’s Underpants
5. The Angel Down the Allotment
6. Half a Crown a Week (co-written with Stan Brown) 
7. Cecil The Seagull Gans up a Height 
8. A Job Well Done 
9. Saving for a Rainy Day
10. The Secret Life of Walter’s Boots
11. The Lion The Witch and the Warburtons
12. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way From The Crem 
13. The Bethlehem Charabanc Trip
14. The Secret Life of Walter’s Mittens

Since starting Newcastle’s first folk club at Barras Bridge in 1958 and later at The Bridge Hotel, Johnny established himself as international ambassador of Geordie music and culture. 

With his group The High Level Ranters he has travelled the world spreading Geordie humour and song. 

During research for radio and TV, Johnny’s quest for the holy grail of Geordieland has taken many turns. His passionate desire to find the mystic town of Plodgeborough was his main motivation. After rambles over fell and shore, back lanes and pit heaps, he finally found the sacred place in the Fairly Truthful manuscripts of Gary Hogg.  

Deciphered from the original and almost unintelligible documents, here, for the wider appreciation of the British public is Johnny’s first contribution to the archive.

Fairly Truthful
Tyneside Tales CD

In Geordie Dialect

Written by Gary Hogg
performed with
piano accompaniment
by Johnny Handle

Cheques Payable to:

Gary Hogg
8 AmberlyWay
NE24 3TA

Sound Samples
by Johnny Handle
(Click on the titles)

Thank Heaven For Little Gulls

Amazing Gracie

Dave the Jackal

The Secret Life of Walter’s Boots

The Bethlehem Charabanc Trip

The Flight of Oscar’s Underpants

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