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   It was an art form developed in the Victorian Music Halls where artists like Stanley Holloway made it into a working class culture. Young and old in pre-war days memorised their favourites like ‘The Lion And Albert,’ ‘Sam Small’ or ‘The Runcorn Ferry’ and they became a powerful morale booster on the home front during the war.

   Despite ‘Albert’ being written by a Scotsman and performed by a Londoner, it was always performed in a Northern accent and fittingly, made its debut in front of a Tyneside audience.

My monologues’ original Geordie texts are sometimes cleaned up so they can be understood by the rest of the world - and sometimes converted into Lancashire or Yorkshire dialects to suit various performers.

Whether it’s because the Northern dialect makes comedy sound funnier or Northern humour travels well is yet to be decided. In keeping with tradition, and drawing inspiration from the entertainment that packed the halls before television, ‘Fairly Truthful Tales’ recreates and refreshes the art of the comedy monologue or recitation.

Encouraging older audiences and readers to value their own memories whilst enriching the cultural life of the young, ‘Fairly Truthful Tales’ ensures a vivid part of our comedy heritage is not lost.


“I love these monologues. Great to see another collection”  Peter Kay

“If laughter is the cure for all ills then this should be available on prescription. Like the traditional monologues, once heard they become treasured memories”
Bill Maynard

A few examples of Fairly Truthful Tales taken from the two books and CDs
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Edie's Last Ride

The Great Amblethwaite Cap Mystery

The Lion The Witch And The Warburtons

A Lesson For Mr Carson The Parson

Dave The Jackal

Jack And The Beansprouts

In Geordie Dialect
by Johnny Handle
(Click on the titles)

Thank Heaven For Little Gulls

Amazing Gracie

Dave the Jackal

The Secret Life of Walter’s Boots

The Bethlehem Charabanc Trip

The Flight of Oscar’s Underpants

Gary Hogg Fairly Truthful Tales Gary Hogg More Fairly Truthful Tales Gary Hogg Fairly Truthful Tyneside Tales

In Lancashire Dialect
by Bernard Wrigley

The Fire In Nan's Front Room

Edie's Last Ride

The Bartholomew Family Photograph

The Secret Life Of Walter's Mittens

The Warburtons' Disappearing Waistcoat

Father Tralee And The Infernal Flame

Jacky The Night Watchman's Dog

Gary Hogg Fairly Truthful Tales Gary Hogg Amblethwaite Appenings Bill Maynard Gary Hogg on Songs of Praise

Gary performing a Geordie monologue in the Radio Tyneside Studio for BBC Songs of Praise. (Photo courtesy of Radio Tyneside)

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Buy the books & CDs